VAREP GmbH, with its company headquarters in Markt Indersdorf near Munich, is a High-Tech Consulting and Marketing Company, provides a full-range service focussed on special semiconductor lines and system components which ranges from Design-In Support to Project Development and logistics management. With our partners and products VAREP is supporting the industrial, automotive, medial and space/defense market with its requirements to quality, robustness and longterm support. Among the manufacturers represented in Central Europe, some of them as exclusive dealers, are Cypress, ProMOS, Silego, Semitronics, Smart Modular Technologies and Zilog. The product portfolio contents memory solutions (SRAM, NV/FRAM, FIFO, DRAM Modules, CF/SD Cards, SSD, eMMC and other Embedded Memory Solutions) as well as Clocks & Buffers, Microcontrollers, Mixed Signal ASICs and Programmable System-on-Chip, USB incl. Bluetooth Low Energy and Power Delivery.

Representing and supporting principalĀ“s branch office in the area VAREP is providing complete commercial and technical support to OEM-Customers and Sales Partners.

  • Account Management
  • Administration
  • Automotive Support and Products
  • Distribution Management /Support
  • Field Application Engineering Support
  • Logistics Management
  • Quality Management/Support
  • PR/Marcom
  • Project Management
  • Strategic Business Planning
  • System Solutions and Design Support incl. Hard- and Software Design Services
BLE Bluetooth Low Energy (Smart)
Clock & Buffers
CMIC (configurable mixed signal IC)
Design Service (HW/SW)
DRAMs (Stacking)
Dual Port RAMs
Embedded Flash/Storage
Flash Memory Cards
Memory Modules
Non-Volatile FRAMs/NVRAMs
Power Delivery USB-PD
PSoC (progammable System on Chip)
Solid State Storage SSD
SRAMs (Asynch/Synch/ECC)